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Future of advice is in peril – it can only be assured by understanding past failings

Govt in denial re industry challenges including unaffordable advice & need for financial literacy education

Where to now for financial services post Federal election and Hayne Royal Commission?

Picking superannuation winners is a ‘political’ solution that disregards best interest of Australians & economy

It’s time to ask where is the financial services industry and planning profession going

Dover’s demise – consumers & advisers abandoned

The grandfathered commission debate needs to be fair and balanced

Royal Commission is an imperative for the future wellbeing of financial services…

Accountants & planners seeking to exit fail to appreciate time is the real scarcity says Paul Tynan

There are solutions to ensure long term business success & profit – but accountants & planners must act now says Tynan

Individual licencing BOLR & platforms – the future for the financial industry is still filled with challenges says Paul Tynan

Accountants and planners’ expectations continues to fuel sale and exit inertia says Paul Tynan

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