Achieve Your Buying Goals

The Connect Buying Process

The Connect buying process can be customised to suit your needs and requirements for growing or merging your business. We have a great deal of experience assisting business owners to set realistic expectations and targets and achieve their desired outcome.

The environment for buyers is very competitive and we can assist you to gain a strategic competitive edge. We have facilitated the sale and acquisition of a significant number of Financial Planning and Accounting businesses of all sizes, as well as negotiating and implementing mergers, joint ventures and succession plans.

Buying a Financial Planning or Accounting business requires preparation and a well thought out strategy. As a buyer you will need to demonstrate previous success in your own business and your value proposition to the seller. Buying in the current market is not simply about price.

You will also require a transition strategy and approved finance.

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How to achieve your buying goals?​

Connect Financial Service Brokers can assist you in developing a buying strategy and work with you every step of the way to achieve your buying goals.

For all your selling, merging and acquisition queries, please contact Paul Tynan on: 0439 837 304 or email:

Connect Financial Service Brokers can assist you at each stage of the buying process.

Buyers Tips

Connect Financial Service Brokers can assist you at each stage of the buying process.

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Seek Professional Advice

Use an experienced business broker / advisor, knowledgeable in this field, to assist you during the acquisition process. Business brokers / advisors should have extensive networks and specialise in the requirements of this type of acquisition. Their skills will help ensure a smooth and successful negotiation for all parties.

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Develop a Buying Strategy

Create a clear written strategy including what you want and why, the timing, and how much you can pay. Above all, what is the ultimate outcome you are seeking?


As a buyer, you will need to demonstrate your value proposition ‘above cheque book’. You must be able to demonstrate previous success in your own business and a clear value proposition to the vendor, clients and staff.

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Realistic Expectations & Flexibility

Any successful deal requires both the buyers and sellers to have realistic expectations and flexibility. Often buyers can feel that they paid more than they should, and the seller may feel they have sold for less than true value. This is the point of convergence. Price is just one factor; realistic expectations and flexibility on a wider range of issues such as timing, transition, continuity of staff and ongoing roles all contribute to achieving a successful outcome.



An acquisition should be managed like any other important project. Timeframes should be established and monitored. All parties should agree to the timeframes and commit to ensure the process runs smoothly. The more prolonged the negotiations, the less likely a sale will be finalised.

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